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          Covid-19 Update

          General Information

          Falmouth Academy is carefully monitoring the situation related to Covid-19 (coronavirus) and are thoughtfully considering our responsibilities both to our students, teachers, and families, and to our greater community. This is the school's official web page for updates related to the coronavirus and school activities and operations. Updates will be shared with families and posted on this website as new information becomes available.  
          There are no cases of Covid-19 at Falmouth Academy. For the most up-to-date information on this rapidly evolving health situation, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and other trusted resources on the right side of this page. (Image courtesy of the CDC.)

          March 15, 2020 Update

          Dear Falmouth Academy Families,
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          Although our physical campus will be closed, Falmouth Academy will continue to engage our students in meaningful learning opportunities during the closure. By the end of the week, students, faculty, and parents can expect a detailed explanation of how the school will continue to educate our students and manage school operations during this period. 
          In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. However challenging this particular moment and time happens to be or feel, I am confident that we will emerge a stronger, closer school community. Thank you for entrusting your children to us, and for your patience during this challenging time.
          Matt Green

          Tips for Families at Home

          Falmouth Academy's School Counselor Carol DiFalco provides the following emotional/social health tips for families that are home based or self-quarantined:

          • set regular waking and sleeping times 
          • limit leisure screen time (you will likely have academic screen time expected of you). Better yet, set aside two or three 2 hour blocks of time when you dock your phone.
          • Set goals for each day - learning something new, projects you have been putting off, academic commitments , a new recipe you want to try....
          • exercise everyday - mental wellbeing is directly tied to your physical wellbeing. This is a great time to make self-care a priority.
          • Go outside everyday. Take a walk, do yard work, prepare your next garden, etc
          • If you are self-quarantined text, call, or FaceTime a friend everyday. Stay connected to people you care about even while the platform is different.
          • If you are not self-quarantined take time to check on your friends and neighbors, particularly those that may live alone.
          • Give someone who lives in your home a hug as often as they will let you - human beings are wired for physical connection. 
          • Keep a positive attitude. This is a temporary situation and it requires all of us to bring our best selves to help one another through it. While we need to be responsible and minimize the rapid spread of this virus by using the best practices, advised by the World Health Organization //www.who.int/, we also need to use our humanity as agency to ensure we maintain our communities and connections for our own wellbeing, as well as one another’s.   
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